41 Days

For the past 41 days every day seems like a Sunday, an eerily quiet time with no direct interaction with anyone other than those we are living with.  The 2 metre distance has been engraved in our minds as we all try to dodge each other in supermarkets or whilst out for our daily exercise.  Over the last 41 days I have read time and time again; this is a period to reflect on what was, what is and how life maybe in the future.  To make changes we hope will give us a new and better direction; to some extent to wipe the slate clean and start again.

For me, the weeks leading up to the lock down was fraught with stressed clients, many in tears.  I really wished that I had a magic wand to make it alright, to comfort them with wise words of wisdom.  It wasn’t easy and my heart went out to them.  I must admit for the first two weeks I was scared, like everyone else I had never experienced anything like this and I wasn’t sure how to cope or how to protect my family even with the barrage of information coming from the Government.   So 41 days later this stillness has become the new norm and whatever we think, life has to go on.  My business is mainly in the bridal industry and although it has been hard the only words of wisdom I can impart to my ladies is that, your day will come and you will move forward but for now make your plans, stay calm but more importantly enjoy being with your loved ones, keep safe and I hope that soon we will all smile again.

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